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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Version 2.0 - October 2004

Part 1 - General Information


The purpose of this manual is to provide a comprehensive flow of project delivery tasks for use by the project engineer and design staff. This Work Flow Tasks Manual is a supplement to the Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM). It provides a structured step-by-step guide to project development tasks performed by project engineers within the framework of the policies and procedures contained in the PDPM. Since not every project or every district is the same, the tasks provide broad directions. Some tasks may touch upon some responsibilities of other team members but they do not provide in depth description outside the task. Other functional units may use it as a guide to understand the roles and responsibilities of the project engineer. Each section will include an area to note specific requirements, contacts, or comments in order to tailor these tasks to the activities performed in the manual owner’s own district.

The Project Development Workflow Tasks Manual is designed as a tool for project delivery teams and, as such, provides direct hyperlinks to:

  • Caltrans standards and guidelines for project delivery that are available on the Internet (link are blue), and
  • Internal business processes on Caltrans Intranet (links are red). Links that are colored red are not accessible through the Internet and are only available from the Caltrans internal network. Local agencies or consultant may contact the appropriate District Office, if project specific guidance or information is needed. 

The tasks in this manual are correlated to the activities in the Capital Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 6.1.


Part 2 - Part 2 of this manual contains task flow diagrams organized by a hierarchical view of WBS

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document Phase

Part 4 - Project Approval and Environmental Document Phase

Part 5 - Project Plans, Specification, and Estimate Phase

Part 6 - Approve Contract and Construction Phase

Part 7 - Comprehensive manual index

Using the Manual

This manual attempts to address all potential tasks that may be required to develop a large and complex STIP project. However, it can be used as a model for SHOPP Projects. Each project is inherently unique, thus the project manager working with the project engineer and the Project Team should determine which project engineering tasks are applicable to the project. Additionally, the type of project initiation document will also determine the level of detail that may be required for each task. Project Study Report-Project Development Support (PSR-PDS) requires less detailed effort for the same tasks required for a full Project Study Report (PSR). Although the PSR-PDS format is the standard PID for STIP projects, each task is written for the full analysis of the proposed project.

Part 3 of this manual consists of 82 tasks associated with the functional responsibilities of the project engineer beginning with Milestone 000 (Identify Project Need and Begin Project Studies) and ending with Complete Project files at the conclusion of the Project Initiation Document phase. Parts 4 through 7 will be developed and added later on. The diagrams in Part 2 and work tasks are ordered to conform to a typical work plan depicted by Caltrans’ Capital Project Milestones, but may be completed as necessary in other phases of the project.

The descriptions of the tasks are to provide general guidance and are not intended to duplicate the details contained in other manuals that provide specific and detailed instructions. However, the task descriptions provide comprehensive information where this type of information is omitted elsewhere.

Project Scheduling

This manual does not provide task durations. Tasks that have substantially long durations or are critical to the project schedule are identified as “Time Constrained”. Identification of project scheduling tasks or activities and developing Critical Path schedules for individual projects is the responsibility of project managers in consultation with project engineers and functional units involved in the project.

Legal Standards

This Project Development Workflow Tasks Manual is not intended to establish a legal standard for tasks and functions, nor does it impose legal requirements different from, or in addition to, those imposed by law.

The workflow tasks established in this manual are provided for the information and guidance of the officers and employees of Caltrans, as well as for any local entity, private developer, or consultant engaged in project development activities involving California state highways. It is not intended that any standard of conduct or duty toward the public shall be created or imposed by this manual.

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