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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

II. Project Initiation Document

E. Prepare and Approve PID (WBS 150.25) - Circulate, Review and Approve PID (WBS 150.25.20)

P87. Circulate PID for Signature

After the Draft PID has gone through required reviews, has been updated as necessary by the project engineer, and the Engineer’s Attest page has been signed by the Registered Professional Engineer, the PID is ready for approval signatures. In some districts, the project manager handles routing the Draft Final PID for signatures, in which case the project engineer should transmit the PID to the project manager under cover memorandum.

The project manager’s signature is required as “Approval Recommended”, and is typically placed on the front sheet of the PID. Generally, each district has an established review and approval process which final review and concurrence by Office Chiefs and Division Chiefs are obtained prior to submittal to the Director. Standardized routing forms are typically used for this purpose. Some types of PIDs require a final review and signature by the Division Chief of Right of Way prior to submittal to the Director.

At any time during the final reviews and concurrence by managers, there is a potential for errors and problems to be spotted. The PID may be returned to the project manager or project engineer at any time for corrections to the document. If time is limited, minor problems should not delay the approval process as corrected pages may be inserted.

The final approval signature is made by the District/Regional Director. The district Director and/or the Region Director have the ultimate responsibility for approval . The Director’s approval is consent of the project’s scope, schedule, and costs, and that the PID meets all required policies and procedures of the Department.

In some districts there is a process to ensure that the district’s project databases are updated to match the project cost and schedule data contained in the Final Approved PID. Contact the project manager or the Project Management Support Unit for more details.

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