California Department of Transportation

Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

II. Project Initiation Document

E. Prepare and Approve PID (WBS 150.25) - Circulate, Review and Approve PID (WBS 150.25.20)

P86. Revise Draft PID

Following internal and external reviews of the Draft PID, the project engineer and the PDT must address any new significant issues affecting the project’s cost, scope or schedule and revise the PID accordingly. Issues raised that are not already covered in the PID may result in the need to conduct additional investigations and rewriting of the PID. The PDT is responsible for deciding if any additional project studies are necessary, and for making decisions on the issues brought up during the reviews. Ultimately, the PID must identify a range of alternatives, the potential significant issues associated with the alternatives, a range of alternative construction and right of way costs (not required for PSR PDS documents), the project development cost (SB45 table), and a proposed project schedule. Issues of lesser significance raised during the Draft PID review may not need immediate action as issues of greater concern dictate the project proposals. Resolution of lesser issues may be conducted later on during the PA&ED phase when formal environmental studies and final engineering investigations are conducted. The project engineer should retain reviewer comments within the Project Development files, and make note of issues that will require attention later on.

Some districts have implemented a procedure requiring the project engineer to respond back to reviewer’s comments notifying them of the actions or decisions made by the PDT. This procedure communicates back to the reviewer that significant issues are not overlooked, have been incorporated, or will be addressed later on.

After revisions to the Draft PID have been made, the document is considered as the Draft Final PID and is ready to be presented for required approval signatures by departmental managers. Upon management approval, the PID will be deemed as the Final Approved PID.

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