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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

II. Project Initiation Document

D. Analyze Alternatives (WBS 150.15) - Develop Cost Estimates (WBS 150.15.55)

P70. Obtain/Complete PSR-PDS Scoping Checklist

The project engineer must use the boilerplate PSR-PDS format and complete and attach the estimate format and three scoping checklists. Guidance and the format for PSR-PDS documents may be found on the Division of Design, Design Memorandums website link to the 8/9/2001 Project Initiation Documents for Project Development Support Components memorandum and are listed below:

  • Project Study Report (Project Development Support Outlines)
  • Project Study Report (Project Development Support Outlines) Estimate
  • Design Scoping Checklist
  • Traffic Scoping Checklist
  • Project Evaluation Checklist
  • Boiler Plate Outline

The project engineer is responsible for completing of the Design Scoping Checklist and submitting the Traffic checklist containing pertinent information to the District Traffic Operations Branch for completion. The project engineer and the project manager complete the Project Evaluation Checklist jointly.

A DES Scoping Checklist is also required for the PSR-PDS document for projects with work that require services from DES. After the DES Project Fact Sheet Package under Task 66 has been completed, the Project Coordination Engineer (PCE) will produce a DES resource estimate and DES Scoping Checklist for inclusion in the PSR-PDS document. The DES Scoping Checklist defines the anticipated involvement of DES functional units based on the descriptions of the proposed alternatives. Other important project information such as lead times to study the alternatives, unknown risks, assumptions, and special studies, etc. is documented on this attachment. The total DES support resources required to complete a project through PA/ED are listed at the end in a summary table.


  • PSR/PDS cost estimate 4 weeks


Design Memorandum;(August 9, 2001 Project Initiation Documents for Project Development Support Components)

PSR-PDS Exception Fact Sheet

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