California Department of Transportation

Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

II. Project Initiation Document

D. Analyze Alternatives (WBS 150.15) - Determine Railroad Involvement (WBS 150.15.15)

P66. Request Right of Way to Assess Railroad Involvement

Any railroad within the project limits constitutes a railroad involvement and requires extraordinary coordination by the District R/W Railroad Agent with numerous individuals including; the District Utility Coordinator, HQ R/W railroad agents, Environmental, DES, Legal, the California Public Utility Commission, and the railroad company owner and/or operator. Involvement begins with the PID and concludes at the Project Close-Out. Therefore, early contact and continuous involvement with the Railroad agent is critical

The typical lead-time for completion of PUC and railroad agreements is 24 months from the time of PUC permit application. This duration should be included in the project delivery schedule. If this is a controlling effort task during the PA&ED phase for a priority project, starting the PUC permit application during the PID phase may be considered under “Change Control” but the PUC permit and Railroad Agreements are not required for completing the PID.


Right of Way Manual, (Section, “Railroad Property General Prerequisite”)

Right of Way Manual, (Section 8.69.01, “Railroad Functions”)

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