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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

II. Project Initiation Document

D. Analyze Alternatives (WBS 150.15) - Prepare R/W Data Sheets (WBS 150.15.05)

P64. Request Right of Way Data Sheet Estimates

The project engineer must complete a Right of Way Data Sheet request form for all projects even when no additional right of way is required or utilities involved. There is no standard statewide request form. Right of Way Data Sheet request forms are in some Districts accessed through the district’s intranet site. The Right of Way Data Sheet request and the Preliminary Right of Way Estimate Map are typically submitted to the District Right of Way Engineering Unit. A copy of the PEAR mitigation cost estimate is to be provided with the request, if available, or provided prior to the completion of the Right of Way Data Sheet. Funds for environmental mitigation that will be expended prior to, or separately from the project’s construction contract, must be accounted in the Data Sheet.

Capital Preventive Maintenance projects do not require a Right of Way Data Sheet.

A coordinator within the Right of Way Engineering Unit will distribute the request to other appropriate Right of Way Functional Units. These units will evaluate and estimate the potential right of way impacts and costs for each proposed alternative. The proposed right of way parcel information, property costs, utility relocation costs, and lead times are then summarized in the Right of Way Data Sheet and returned to the project engineer and project manager. The project engineer must incorporate this information into the PID and must include separate right of way data information for each project alternative.


Right of Way Manual, (Chapter 4, “Estimating”)

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