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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

II. Project Initiation Document

D. Analyze Alternatives (WBS 150.15) - Prepare R/W Data Sheets (WBS 150.15.05)

P63. Prepare Preliminary R/W Estimate Map

Using the project base strip map, the project engineer establishes new right of way requirements. The project engineer sets proposed right of way lines (including permanent and temporary easements) and delineate access control lines if appropriate. For the guidelines on map preparation on right of way cost estimate mapping, refer to Chapter 5 of the Drafting and Plans Manual (to be superceded by Section 4 of the Plans Preparation Manual when completed). The map must show the approximate proposed right of way lines, access control, easements for utilities, relinquishments, vacations, utilities, railroad, and temporary construction easements. The maps should also use the appropriate scale as identified in Section of the Right of Way Manual.

If there are utilities or potential railroad involvement, separate tasks for Utility Relocation and Railroad Involvement must also be completed in conjunction with this task. Separate WBS codes and considerable effort can be required when utilities or railroads are involved, however, the effort necessary for the preparation of Preliminary Right of Way Estimate map exhibits is included here.

Once all of the proposed right of way information is identified on the preliminary right of way estimate map, the project engineer must submit the map to the District Right of Way Engineer (or Surveys Office) with the request for a R/W Data Sheet. The project engineer must contact the Right of Way Engineering Branch (or Surveys Office) to determine the appropriate format for requesting this type of work.

Following submittal of the R/W Data Sheet request, the District Right of Way Engineering unit (or Surveys Office) will put property ownerships on the base map showing limits and size of parcels, Assessor’s Parcel Numbers, owners of record, and right of way requirement areas. Right of Way Engineering (or Surveys Office) will also delineate the location of the existing right of way lines and access control line information and compile a summary of the parcel information on a spreadsheet format. (In some Districts, the project engineer is responsible for showing adjacent parcel lines, Assessor’s Parcel Numbers, total parcel area, and area of proposed parcel take.)


Right of Way Manual, (Section“Project Estimate Mapping”)

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