California Department of Transportation

Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

II. Project Initiation Document

C. Draft Agreements (WBS 205.) - Obtain Freeway Agreement (WBS 205.20)

P60. Determine Preliminary Freeway/Controlled Access Agreement Requirements

A Freeway Agreement documents the understanding between Caltrans and the local agency relating to the planned traffic circulation features of the proposed facility. It does not bind the State to construct on a particular schedule or staging. In the event that the freeway is fully constructed, it shows:

  • Streets that may be closed or connected to the freeway.
  • Streets and roads that may be separated from the freeway.
  • The location of frontage roads
  • Proposal for streets that may be relocated, extended or otherwise modified to maintain traffic circulation in relation to the freeway
  • Proposed relinquishments of superseded and/or collateral facilities
  • Accommodation of bicycle and pedestrians through construction site.

Agreements are often executed many years before construction is anticipated and they form the basis for future planning, not only by the Department but also by public and private interests in the community.

The project engineer must document in the PID the need for either a new or superceding agreement for each of the proposed alternatives. In some Districts, Freeway and Controlled Access Agreements are prepared and managed by the Local Assistance Office or Planning Office. A freeway agreement exhibit may be included as an attachment to the PID. If proposed changes to existing Freeway or Controlled Access Agreements are significant, the proposed changes should be reviewed by the Department’s Local Assistance Office and Planning Division, and then transmitted to the appropriate local agencies to ensure their involvement and conceptual concurrence is obtained. Final revised Freeway and Controlled Access Agreements are not required until the completion of the PA&ED phase or the start of right of way acquisition, whichever comes first.


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