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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

II. Project Initiation Document

A. Define Transportation Need and Assess Site (150.05) - Obtain and Review Existing Reports, Studies and Mapping (150.05.05)

P19. Request Information from Local Agencies

When the project engineer determines that the proposed projects potentially impact areas outside of the State’s right of way limits, the PDT should obtain all available records about the areas of concern. During the PID phase, it is important to develop accurate cost estimates, thus the Project Team must become aware of features that would have significant cost impacts. The project engineer’s first step in the search will be to contact the Traffic Engineer of the local City or the County Public Works Office. The Traffic Engineer will be able to direct the project engineer to appropriate sources of information. Early contact with the local Traffic Engineer will help ensure that the local agency is informed and involved in the Project Development process.

The project engineer may find contact information via the local City or County Internet web pages.

The request for information from the local governmental agencies should be organized through the project manager and the team to limit duplicate requests to the local agency.

Local governmental agencies may be able to provide:

  • County/City Right of Way Maps
  • County/City’s General Plan with Circulation Element showing transportation
  • County/City plan lines for future street improvements
  • Proposed new developments within project vicinity
  • Street As-builts
  • Encroachment records
  • Utility easements (electricity, natural gas, telephone and other TV cable communications)
  • Sewer, water, and fire hydrant systems
  • Assessors Parcel maps
  • GIS data
  • Flood Control systems
  • School Zones and bussing routes
  • Emergency Services facilities and routes
  • Park and recreation facilities
  • Pedestrian and bicycle routes
  • Irrigation District systems

Time Constraint

Sometimes, it can be time consuming to obtain information from a local agency or government entity. Time should be allotted to allow each agency to compile the requested information and respond. This may take a few days up to two months. Consult the project manager if the county agency requires a fee for processing the request for information.

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