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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

II. Project Initiation Document

A. Define Transportation Need and Assess Site (150.05) - Obtain and Review Existing Reports, Studies and Mapping (150.05.05)

P15. Perform Encroachment Permit Review

An encroachment is defined in Section 660b the Streets and Highways Code as any tower, pole, pole line, pipe, pipeline, fence, billboard, stand or building, or any structure, object of any kind or character, or special event, which is in, under, or over any portion of the roadway or roadside. An encroachment permit is issued by the Department or, in certain circumstances, by a local agency authorized by the Department. An encroachment permit is the permissive authority for an entity to enter State highway right of way to construct approved facilities or conduct specified activities as well as occupy State highway right of way..

The District Permits Branch keeps encroachment permit records. The project engineer should obtain copies and review all encroachment permit records that fall within the project limits. Maintenance agreements should also be reviewed as part of the review of encroachment permits. The District Maintenance Branch maintains the Maintenance Agreements. These records will help the project engineer to become aware of facilities that may exist within the State’s right of way that may conflict with proposed construction activities. For the most part, project engineers should be looking for record of any utilities that have been placed within the State’s right of way. However, encroachment permit records may reveal many other things. Driveway and business connections to conventional highways are required to be permitted. The project engineer should carefully review the project limits for connections that have no permit on record.

The project engineer should prepare a summary of encroachments, which require further investigation or have revealed potential conflicts with project construction. When the project engineer requests a Right of Way Data Sheet cost estimate, the Engineer should provide a copy of the encroachment permits freeway maintenance agreements, and the summary. The project engineer should describe the affected encroachments (i.e. modifications to private driveways, fences irrigation facility, etc). The cost may be documented on the Right of Way Data Sheet under Construction Contract Work obligations.

Time Constraint:

The amount of time and effort for this task depends on the location of the project and the number of permits issued. The engineer must take the time to understand the impacts of the permits on the project and not merely gather the information as to include in a report. This task may take one to three months to complete

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