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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

II. Project Initiation Document

A. Define Transportation Need and Assess Site (150.05) - Obtain and Review Existing Reports, Studies and Mapping (150.05.05)

P13. Obtain As-builts

As-builts are completed construction Contract Plans that show how the original plans were changed during construction. The engineer should reference As-builts instead of the Contract Plan sheets, but should not expect As-builts to reflect all changes that where made during construction.

Each district handles the storage and maintenance of As-built records in a different fashion, but District Office Engineer Units are typically responsible for the records. As-Built records may exist as hard copy plan sheets, microfiche, or as electronic files. Some districts have digitized As-Built records and make them available electronically. All As-Built records will eventually be available using a “Data Retrieval System”.

When searching for As-built records, an engineer may need to retrieve the records from many past projects in order to re-create a composite design representing the current highway configuration. Engineers must never remove As-built records from storage facilities without permission. As-built records are permanent records that must be preserved indefinitely.

Structure As-built records are available electronically using Bridge Inspection Records Information System (BIRIS). Engineers may access the BIRIS system from the Structures Maintenance and Investigations website.

City and County roadway As-built records are often needed for the roadways connected to the State highway. These records are typically obtained from the County Public Works Office.


BIRIS and Structure As-Built records listed under the Division of Engineering Services; Structure Maintenance and Investigation website.

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