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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

I. Identify Project Need

A. Project Initiation and Planning (100.05.05) - Initiate Project

P06. Identify Core Project Delivery Team

The project manager is responsible for the formation of the PDT and for running PDT meetings.

Before starting project studies, a project manager is selected and the core PDT is formed for all projects, regardless of size or type of funding. The core PDT guides preliminary studies until the project is defined, which then determines the Project Development Category and the project development process requirements. Typically, the core PDT is comprised of Caltrans staff primarily responsible for major portions of the project delivery process. It consists of the Project manager, Project engineer, Environmental Planner, and Right-of-Way Agent with representatives from other functional units as needed (e.g., DES Structures, Landscape Architecture, Traffic, Maintenance, Hydraulics, Storm Water, Electrical, Legal, etc.).

Planning may also be a core PDT member to ensure that external stakeholders participate in the evaluation and refinement of the purpose and need statement, and to ensure that the community needs in Context Sensitive Solutions, goods movement and multimodal accessibility are addressed early enough in the project to be included in the alternatives. Planning staff will also be familiar with the ultimate concept for the route as well as current and projected traffic volumes. The Design Coordinator (from the HQ Division of Design) and the Environmental Coordinator (from the HQ Division of Environmental Analysis) should also be called upon as liaisons between the District and Caltrans Headquarters Units and FHWA.


PDPM (Chapter 8, Section 4, “Project Development Team”)

Design Coordinators;

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