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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

I. Identify Project Need

A. Project Initiation and Planning (100.05.05) - Initiate Project

P05. Develop PID Work Agreement

Once a candidate project’s purpose and need statement has been identified, the resources to conduct further work must be estimated and negotiated. These are rough estimates of staff resources for the development or for the quality assurance effort for each PID. The involvement of the project engineer as well as other functional units will vary among districts. A Design Task Manager may be requested to estimate the design effort for a PID.

Under “Change Control”, the Department has recognized that during the PID phase, there are instances when conducting detailed studies on controlling items of work will result in significantly reduced risk of failure during the PA&ED phase. Design surveys or environmental work are typical items that may be expedited. It is necessary to estimate and resource these activities prior to commencing this work.

The resource estimates for each PID are integrated into the Planning PID Work Program, which is a list of candidate projects identifying the resource distribution of the district’s PID allocations. Planning prioritizes the list of projects for the STIP and SHOPP programs and authorizes the list of candidate projects that can be developed with the available resource allocations. This information is updated and reported to the HQ Division of Planning on a quarterly basis. Major projects not included in the reports are not authorized, but the list may be amended to add or remove projects. The project engineer should be aware if an assigned PID is authorized for PID expenditures.

Time Constraint:

The development and agreement of the PID resources is the gate through which all projects become initiated. Due the nature of managing, identifying and negotiating support resources for the PID program, this task may require 4 weeks for district negotiations.


Deputy Director Memorandum, (July 28, 2000, “Implementation of Change Control”)

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