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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

I. Identify Project Need

A. Project Initiation and Planning (100.05.05) - Initiate Project

P03. Identify Project Category

Project Development Categories have been established to assure that project-related differences and State and federal requirements are addressed in the project development process. Each category consists of groups of projects having similar characteristics and therefore similar development procedures. These categories are discussed in detail in Chapter 8, Section 5 - Project Development Categories but are defined as follows:

1. Projects requiring access control, new right of way, adoption of a route location by the CTC, and Freeway Agreements.

2. Projects that require a route location adoption by the CTC, and new right of way, but do not require access control or freeway agreements.

3. Projects on previously constructed access controlled routes requiring a new or revised freeway agreement, but not a route adoption. New right of way may or may not be required. This category does not apply to the subsequent stages of multistage projects. A Category 3 project may be Categorically Exempt.

4. Projects that do not require a location adoption or a Freeway Agreement and do not meet the criteria of Categories 5 or 6.

5. Projects of minimal economic, social, or environmental significance. These projects would include Categorically Exempt projects under CEQA.

6. Projects urgently needed because of a national emergency, natural disaster, catastrophic failure, or immediate threat to life or property.

7. Federal-aid projects initiated by local agencies on highways under their jurisdiction, not classified as Category 5 or 6.

By definition, Categories 1 through 4 apply only to State highways; Categories 5 and 6 apply to either State or local highways; Category 7 is limited to local highways.

The Category is assumed in order to aid in identifying the activities that may be required during the PID process. As further data is gathered, the project category assignment may change.

The relationship between the project category and the key steps in the project-planning portion of the project development process are shown on Figure 1, in Chapter 8 of the PDPM. This Figure summarizes the requirements for each Caltrans project category.


PDPM, (Chapter 8, Section 5 – “Project Development Categories”)

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