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Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Part 3 - Identify Project Need and Project Initiation Document

I. Identify Project Need

A. Project Initiation and Planning (100.05.05) - Initiate Project

P01. Obtain Expenditure Authorization (EA)

The responsibility to request a project specific EA differs among districts and the type of project, but is usually completed by the assigned project manager. However, final approval to initiate an EA resides with the District Planning Deputy.

An EA is obtained by submitting Form No. FA-47 through District Program/Project Management Division and/or the Administration Unit of Project Control. The EA request should include the nature of the deficiency; the condition caused by the deficiency, and (if a modification is suggested) how the modification would eliminate/mitigate the deficiency.

A general description of the EA is presented in Chapter 8, Section 3 of the PDPM. Specific requirements for processing the EA request are included in the Coding Manual Vol. II (Chapter 1). The most important elements of the EA that the project engineer needs to understand are the proper codes for fund source and program component since this information is required in the PID.

The Project Financial Management Website is a useful site for understanding the various codes.


Coding Manual Vol. I, (Chapter 7, Section 4, “Definition of Highway Program Codes”)

Coding Manual Vol. II. (Chapter 1,”Expenditure Authorizations”)

PDPM, (Chapter 8, Section 3,”Expenditure Authorizations”)

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