California Department of Transportation

Design Information Bulletins

DIB # Title Date HTML PDF
DIB 60 Operational and Safety Improvements at Freeway Interchanges 11-4-1982 dib60.htm dib60.pdf
DIB 71 Access Ramps to Public Boat Launching Areas 06-4-1986 dib71.htm dib71.pdf
DIB 73 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP)
Slab Replacements with Existing Edge Drains
DIB 77 Interchange Spacing 01-31-1995 dib77.htm dib77.pdf
DIB 78-03 Design Checklist
Checklist (Form Only - Word Format)
01-13-2014  dib78-03.pdf
DIB 79-03 Design Guidance and Standards for Roadway Rehabilitation Projects
Safety Screening Procedures for 2R Projects
2R Project Certification (Word Format)
1-29-2008   dib79-03.pdf
DIB 81-01 Capital Preventive Maintenance (CAPM) Guidelines 03-15-2011   dib81-01.pdf
DIB 82-05 Pedestrian Accessibility Guidelines for Highway Projects

DIB 83-04

Caltrans Supplement to FHWA Culvert Repair Practices Manual ( Updated 08-01-2014 )

DIB 84 Guidance for the Removal and Disposal of Concrete Pavement Grooving and Grinding Residues 08-01-2006 dib84.htm dib84.pdf
DIB 85 Guidance for the Consideration of Material Disposal, Staging, and Borrow Sites 05-15-2007   dib85.pdf
DIB 86 Selecting Asphalt Binder Type 11-30-2006   dib86.pdf
DIB 87-1 Hybrid Streambank Revetments 04-25-2014   dib87-01.pdf
DIB 88 Wall Structure Aesthetic Guidelines 01-22-2016   dib88.pdf
DIB 89 Class IV Bikeway Guidance (Separated Bikeways/Cycle Tracks) 12-30-2015   dib89.pdf


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