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Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) - Selected Projects





04-013531 PM 0.5
SF/Ala 80 SFOBB Foundation Removal

Remove existing foundation

$86 million

06-2HT10 PM 23.5/26.6
Fre 99 Realignment

Realign Route 99 to accommodate High Speed Rail

$111 million

08-34770 Kern 143.5/143.0 SBD 0.0/12.9
SBd 58 Upgrade

Convert 2-lane conventional highway to 4-lane expressway

$158 million

08-0J070 PM 0.6/2.0
SBd 215 Reconstruct Interchange

Reconstruct Barton Road IC

$78.8 million

10-0P920 PM 42.0/42.7
MPA 140 Ferguson Slide Restoration

Construct 2-lane highway on new alignment

$52 million

11-2T170, 11-2T171, 11-2T172
I-5 North Coast Corridor (27 miles)

Improve I-5, Rail, and Transit in the North Coast Corridor

$606 million



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