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Plans Preparation Manual, last updated February 2017

Plans Preparation Manual - U.S. Customary Units (English)

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The text portion of the English Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) from 2008 has been printed and is available at the Caltrans Publication Distibution Unit, along with a binder, cover and a set of tabs. If corrections/additions/deletions are required to any text portion of the manual after printing, that section will be updated (on the Web only) with a new date and a link to the Errata document explaining the change(s).

As the 11x17 Examples are completed, they will be posted to the Web for downloading. The text portion of the PPM attempts to explain the how and why of presenting infomation on any given contract plan. The example will mainly focus on the Drafting Standards of the Contract Plan sheets but will also have informational/explanatory notes clarifying Caltrans standards.

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New Memorandum from Timothy Craggs concerning the status of MicroStation at Caltrans - "MicroStation, Caltrans Standard Drafting Software", 09/19/2014

Plans Preparation Manual (Metric)

For Metric projects - the Metric PPM is still available on the Web only. The text portion of the English PPM (Chapter 2) should be utilized for plan sheet content for each type of sheet. The English PPM contains the latest information of what should be shown on a particulart type of sheet.

Printed copies of the Plans Preparation Manual (Metric) are not available.

For any questions or comments about the Plans Preparation Manual contact: Jeff Kepley