3.13Caltrans Procedures For Electronic Contract Plans From District Completion Through As-Built Completion and Archiving

The following procedures were presented in a Memorandum from the Director's Office signed by R. P. Weaver, Deputy Director of Project Development, on January 30, 1995.

1. After all District directed changes are made by the Engineer of Record, the final electronic plans with electronic seal and signature are submitted to Office Engineer in the Engineering Service Center (ESC- OE). Copies of Structures plans typically are sent to the district combined with roadway plans for submittal to ESC- OE. Reproducible plans are delivered directly from Structures to ESC- OE. For projects prepared by a consultant, in addition to the electronic seal, all sheets of the plans will also include the name of the firm.

2.ESC- OE completes final redline changes. Drafting Services in ESC- OE makes all final drafting changes within the scheduled one-week period allotted in the listing process.

3.ESC- OE returns redlines of roadway plans by overnight mail to District Office Engineer (DOE) and of Structures plans to the Division of Structures within a maximum of five working days after the delineation of the redline corrections have been incorporated into the final project plans. The redlines are made available to the Engineer of Record within two working days of their receipt from ESC- OE for the engineer's review and verification. In the case of a consultant, the redline corrections are not to leave the possession of the Department. The Engineer of Record for roadway plans must respond with concurrence and/or comments in writing to the DOE within a maximum of 15 working days from notification of availability, but not less than seven working days before bid opening. If a change needs to be made by addendum, District concurrence is required and ESC- OE notified 15 working days before bid opening. Structures must respond to DOE within 15 working days of receiving the redline corrections. Redlined sheets shall not be destroyed before concurrence from the Engineer of Record is received and the contract is awarded, pursuant to the PS & E guide.

4.Subsequent to reproduction and award, a microfilm set of the plans with seal and signature is made in Headquarters for Department archives. The original full size prints of the electronic bid set of roadway plans are then sent to the District for record purposes. The Structures plans are returned to the Division of Structures. All electronic files in ESC- OE for a particular project are deleted immediately after the District and/or Structures has verified receipt of the complete and correct electronic project files as advertised from ESC- OE. The original electronic file may be retained in the District or Structures to be used as "As Built" plans. However, prior to any release of copies of electronic plans, the District and Structures shall remove all electronic seals and signatures. Each district and Structures will be responsible for maintaining a log that identifies electronic plans that are released, the date they are released, and the individual/organization that receives them. The plans without seals and signatures should contain the name of the Engineer of Record and, when designed by a consultant, the name of the firm.

5.In reference to the "As-Built" Plan procedures in Section 3-05-2 in the Construction Manual, when the electronic file is used to record changes made during construction, revisions are noted by lining out the original information shown on various levels and inserting the "As-Built" information on Level 62. The electronic signature and seal of the responsible registered engineer (Resident Engineer or Construction Engineer) is placed in the file on Level 62. Upon completion of the project, a print of the file is sent to Headquarters and a micrfilm set of the "As-Built" plans is made for Department archives. When the electronic file is no longer needed for production of the "As-Built" plans, and prior to release of copies of the electronic plans, all electronic signatures and seals shall be removed. As discussed earlier, a log will be maintained to record any electronic plans that are released.