November 17, 1999


Subject: Advance Project Development Element per AB 1012 (Torlakson 1999)

The Governor signed AB 1012 on October 7, 1999, to take effect immediately. The bill adds Section 14529.01 to the Government Code with the intent "to facilitate project development work on needed transportation projects to produce a steady flow of construction work by adding an advance project development element to the state transportation improvement program, beginning with the 2000 State Transportation Improvement Program" (STIP). The legislation applies to the following two project development components: (1) environmental and permits, and (2) plans, specifications, and estimates.

At its November 1999 meeting, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) adopted Resolution G-99-28 to implement the advance project development element of Assembly Bill (AB) 1012. The Commission adopted the 2000 STI1P Advance Project Development Element Guidelines that will"supplement the 2000 STIP Guidelines previously adopted. The Commission also amended the 2000 STIP Fund Estimate to include $375 million available for the advance project development element. Of the $375 million available, 75% ($281 million) is available for programming through the Regional Improvement Program (RIP). What this means is that projects meeting the Advance Project Development Element of the STIP Guidelines can be proposed for programming and adopted into the STEP in the same manner as other STIP projects. You will need to work with your respective Regional Transportation Planning Agency or County Transportation Commission to nominate any STEP projects.

The CTC Resolution, Advance Project Development Element Guidelines, and 2000 STIP Fund Estimate County and Interregional Shares are attached for your information. Questions can be directed to Norma Ortega at (916) 654-6841.


Robert L. Buckley
Program Mananger
Office of Design and Local Programs


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