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Obtaining a Highway Outdoor Advertising Permit

A Highway Outdoor Advertising Permit Application must be submitted and a permit secured prior to the placement of all displays which are regulated by the Outdoor Advertising Act Acrobat PDF . For a permit application click here Acrobat PDF . For more information on Outdoor Advertising Permit Requirements click here.

On-premise displays, with the exception of on-premise displays in a redevelopment area, do not require a permit.  Refer to Sections 5272 thru 5274 of the Business and Professions Code Acrobat PDF, known as the Outdoor Advertising Act Acrobat PDF along with the sections which are referenced therein.

The Outdoor Advertising Act Acrobat PDF along with the California Code of Regulations govern the legal placement of displays. We have provided a brief summary of these provisions for your convenience.

There are several laws which prohibit new placements within specific types and segments of highways. The following are lists of highways which are not open to new displays:

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Laws and Regulations:

Federal State Agreement:


Highway Designations:

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