California Department of Transportation

Pavement Standard Plans and Specifications

Pavement Standard Plans and Specifications are the documents that implement the standards, policies, and best practices for pavements on California highways. They contain the standard requirements for bidding, constructing, and administering Caltrans contracts. Specifications include the Standard Specifications, Revised Standard Specifications (RSS), and Standard Special Provisions (SSPs). Caltrans' Pavements Program also maintains non-standard plans and specifications (nSSPs) for special circumstances.


An advertised set of project plans includes references to the applicable Pavement Standard Plans to incorporate details that are standard to all Caltrans paving projects.


The List of Caretakers for Pavement-Related Specifications identifies the contacts for pavement-related Standard Specifications, Standard Special Provisions (SSPs), and corresponding nonstandard Special Provisions (nSSPs).

The pavement Standard Specifications are organized as follows:

Division IV - Subbases and Bases

24- Stabilized Soils
25- Aggregate Subbases
26- Aggregate Bases
27- Cement Treated Bases
28- Concrete Bases
29- Treated Permeable Bases
30- Reclaimed Pavement

Division V - Surfacing and Pavements

36- General
37- Bituminous Seals
39- Hot Mix Asphalt
40- Concrete Pavement
41- Concrete Pavement Repair
42- Groove and Grind Concrete

Division X - Materials

88- Engineering Fabrics
90- Portland Cement Concrete
92- Asphalt
93- Liquid Asphalts


Standard Special Provisions (SSPs) provide standardized language used with construction contracts to amend, supplement, and incorporate the Caltrans Standard Specifications.  SSPs are identified according to their Standard Specifications section.

Nonstandard Special Provisions (nSSPs) are special provisions used in situations when the standards do not adequately cover the work. NSSPs are used to modify Standard Specifications or SSPs pending approval as standard; test newly developed pilot SSPs; or define project specific elements.  Use of nSSPs requires prior approval from Maintenance, Pavements.  Click here for current nSSPs available for use.

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