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Caltrans Pavement Contacts Flexible Pavement Structural Section Design Guide for Cities and Counties (Jan 1979) Climate Region Map for Pavements Caltrans Pavement Standard Plans, Specifications, and Special Provisions Pavement Preservation Program - Caltrans California Local Agencies
Pavement Interactive Reference Guide* Flexible (Asphalt) Pavement Moisture Sensitivity Risk Map "GREENBOOK"
Standard Specifications For
Public Works Constructions
Pavement Preservation  - FHWA Caltrans
  Rigid (Concrete) Pavement California Test Methods Caltrans Paving Asphalt Price Index Caltrans Maintenance Manual - Flexible Pavement FHWA Resource Center Pavement and Materials Team
Training & Workshop Opportunities Composite Pavement Supplemental Asphalt Lab Procedures
 (LP Series)
California Construction Cost Index Caltrans Maintenance Manual - Rigid Pavement Caltrans Archived Research Reports and Studies
  Pavement Foundations & Geosynthetics PG
(Performance Grade)
Asphalt Binder Info
Caltrans Contract Cost Data Book Pavement Management - FHWA County Engineers Association of California
Caltrans Life Cycle Cost Analysis Pavement Software Downloads Caltrans Approved Binder Suppliers Quality Control and Quality Assurance Manual for Asphalt Concrete Production    
  Caltrans Highway Design Manual - Pavement Chapters & Other Pavement Related Standards Independent Assurance (IA) Program - Caltrans Caltrans Construction Manual
(includes Quality Control/Quality Assurance)
  League of California Cities

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** Presented for information only. Data and procedures should be adapted by local agencies to fit local road practices & conditions.

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