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Asphalt Pavement Types

Common types of Asphalt pavement include hot mix asphalt (HMA), rubberized hot mix asphalt-gap graded (RHMA-G), and open graded friction course (OGFC). There are also two types of rubberized OGFC mixes: rubberized hot mix asphalt-open graded (RHMA-O) and RHMA-O-high-binder (RHMA-O-HB).

The engineering design of Asphalt pavement structures is not an exact science. It is not possible to formulate one set of design criteria that could meet the requirements of every road everywhere. Traffic conditions, climate, geology, materials, construction, and economics are variables that demand the fullest application of professional engineering judgment and skills.

Asphalt Pavement Standards

Asphalt Pavement Guidance


Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt (RHMA)

Open Graded Friction Course (OGFC)

Preservation and Maintenance



Asphalt Pavement Design Examples

Asphalt Pavement Materials

Asphalt Pavement Cost Estimating and Planning

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