California Department of Transportation

About the Facility

For the traveling public, the quality of a road is gauged by how smooth it “rides”. While this may be largely subjective, measurable roadway characteristics such as pavement roughness or road profile are strongly related to this perception of ride quality. In fact, smooth road profiles have become a standard measure of pavement quality. Smooth roads are associated with lower road user costs, favorable user perceptions of quality and acceptability, longer pavement service lives, and lower life-cycle costs.

State departments of transportation (DOTs) have smoothness specifications for the quality control/quality assurance programs. To comply with these smoothness specifications, roadway smoothness measurements were predominately made by using a California-type profilograph in which the equipment is pushed over a prescribed wheelpath. However, as technology has evolved, a growing number of DOTs have or are implementing smoothness specification that are based on inertial profilers that offer more accurate measurements of surface profile than the profilograph, and are faster and safer to use.

Located near Sacramento at the Regional Transit Metro parking lot situated near the intersection of Watt Ave. and Longview Dr, this certification/calibration facility was developed to aid in the evaluation of profiling products. Constructed in 2012, the facility has two 0.1 mile test sections, one with a jointed plain concrete (JPC) surface and the other with an asphalt surface.
















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