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What is a Statement of Qualifications?
Each job announcement contains evaluation criteria which explains the minimum qualifications for the position. The Statement of Qualifications is a description of your experience as it directly relates to the evaluation criteria.

Caltrans is recruiting for the management positions listed below. To apply for any of these positions you must submit a State Application form 678, and a Statement of Qualifications. A resume will not be accepted in lieu of a Statement of Qualifications.

Last updated on September 8, 2014

September 29, 2014

Classification: Supervising Right Of Way Agent
Position Title: Office Chief, Planning And Management And Project Coordination
Location: Sacramento - Headquarters
Exam ID: 14MSP35

September 29, 2014

Classification: Principal Transportation Engineer, Caltrans
Position Title: Systems Management Principal (Pending Department Of Finance Approval)
Location: District 7 - Los Angeles
Exam ID: 14MSP34

September 19, 2014

Classification: Supervising Transportation Engineer, Caltrans
Position Title: Chief, Office Of Program Management
Location: Headquarters - Sacramento
Exam ID: 14MSP24

September 17, 2014

Classification: Supervising Transportation Surveyor, Caltrans
Position Title: Chief, North Region Office Of Surveys
Location: District 3 - Redding Or Marysville
Exam ID: 14MSP33

September 16, 2014

Classification: Data Processing Manager III
Position Title: Manager, Business Application Maintenance And Support Office
Location: Headquarters - Sacramento
Exam ID: 14MSP32

September 16, 2014

Classification: Principal Transportation Engineer
Position Title: Assistant Division Chief, Division Of Project Management
Location: Headquarters - Sacramento
Exam ID: 14MSP31

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