California Department of Transportation
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As an employee of the State of California, you may be eligible for many benefits.

Alternate Work Schedules – Caltrans offers 4/10/40 and 9/8/80 alternate work schedules, depending on the particular work requirements and at the supervisor’s discretion.

Bereavement Leave - You are allowed up to 24 hours paid time off if a member of your family dies, based on union contract.

Dental Insurance - Employees and their eligible dependents can choose the dental plan right for them. Visit DPA for more information.

Educational Reimbursement – Caltrans may provide partial educational reimbursement for college classes or training that are career related, for upward mobility and special programs.

Employee Assistance Program – Confidential consultation, assessment, and referrals are available at no cost.

Family, Parental & Other Leave - May be granted.

Health Insurance - Choose from a variety of health benefit plans for you and your family. Visit CalPers for more information.

Jury Duty - You may serve with no loss in pay.

Military Leave - You may be allowed to take up to 30 calendar days with pay for military leave each year.

Paid Holidays - Paid state holidays, plus 1 personal holiday each year.

Retirement Plans - Visit CalPers for more information on the retirement plans offered by the state.

Savings Plus Plans - The State offers a 457 Deferred Compensation plan and a 401K plan for customized savings. Visit DPA for more information.

Sick Leave - Eight hours sick leave each month.

Telework – Caltrans offers the opportunity to work at home, depending on the particular work requirements and at the supervisor’s discretion.

Vacation - Paid vacation, based upon years of employment.

Vision Care Insurance - You are automatically enrolled into the state's Vision Program.