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State Furnished Transportation Electrical Equipment

The Translab tests all state furnished traffic signal intersection devices to ensure that the products meet the current Department of Transportation needs as listed in the Transportation Electrical Equipment Specifications (TEES, dated March 2009).

Some of the most common state furnished electrical materials inspected:

Battery Backup Systems (BBS)
Changeable Message Signs (CMS)
LED Traffic Signal Modules
Sign Lighting
Street Maintenance Lighting
332L / 334L / 336L Cabinets
170E / 2070E Controllers
Magnetic and Inductive Loop Detectors
Conflict Monitors
Isolators and Load Switches

Contractor Furnished Transportation Electrical Equipment

The Translab ensures that the California Department of Transportation meets the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Federal-Aid Policy Guide, Title 23 the Code of Federal Regulations.
These regulations necessitate that each State Highway Agency develop a quality assurance program which will assure that the materials and workmanship incorporated into each federal-aid highway construction project are in conformity with the requirements of the approved plans and specifications, including approved changes.

Some of the most common contractor furnished electrical materials inspected:

Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)
Service Pedestals
Telephone Demarcation Cabinets (TDC)
Extinguishable Message Signs (EMS)
Sign Lighting
Microwave Vieo Detection Systems (MVDS)
Traffic Signal Heads
Flashing Beacons
Pullboxes, Conduit, and Conductors

New Product Evaluation

New Products are fully developed, marketable products for use in construction, maintenance, and operation of the States Transportation System. These are products which Caltrans has not previously evaluated and which are not covered by existing specifications or requirements. These also could be products which are validation of performance prior to approved products which have been modified or an existing product sold by a new supplier.

For more detail on New Product Evaluation, please refer to this website:

Some recent products we have evaluated:

Light Pipe
LED Smart Studs
Solar Power Lighting
Induction Lighting
Portable LED Changeable Message Sign


We test state furnished and contractor furnished transportation electrical equipment for compliance to the specifications according to the ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 sampling chart.

Testing includes but is not limited to:

Physical Inspection
Burn-in Tests
-37degC to +74degC Environmental Testing
Load Testing of Power Supplies
Testing of all Interconnect Wiring
Performance Testing Under Extreme Conditions (temperature, Noise Interference etc.)

How does this benefit the Department of Transportation?


Ensures all Electrical Equipment are Compliant With State Specifications
Ensures all Electrical Equipment are Operational before Field Installation
Faster Delivery to Job Sites
Less Problems during Installation
Reduced Maintenance Costs