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2070 controller unit

The Model 2070E Controller Unit is an advanced ruggedized field processor and communications system configurable for traffic management applications. It exceeds Caltrans latest transportation electrical equipment specifications and is NEMA controller compatible with the addition of an interface module.


Open Architecture insures compatibility with off the shelf products

OS-9 Software - Standard Software modules from multiple sources
Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) -- text display format 8 lines, 40 characters
Flexible design to meet specific user needs
Multitasking -- each 2070 unit can control multiple traffic devices
Multiprocessing -- each 2070 unit can accommodate multiple CPUs
Designed and built for unattended operation in harsh environment
Physically compatible with NEMA controller using Interface Module
Physically compatible with CALTRANS Type 170, 170E Controllers and Facilities

Hardware Features

Two keypads
Metal housing compatible with CALTRANS Type 170 Controller Unit and Facilities
Serial motherboard
Single 96-pin DIN connectors for all plug-in boards

CPU Features

Freescale 68EN360, 32 bit, 25 MHz Microprocessor
Memory: 8MB DRAM, 8MB Flash and 1MB SRAM
EIA 485 Bus Interface
10 Base-T Ethernet Port with multi-port network switch
Datakey - KC4210PCB Keyceptacle (TM), support up to 32Mb Datakey
Time of Day Clock
OS-9 Operating System

Miscellaneous features

Direct access of serial ports from application software
Power supply module independent, self-contained
Input protection
+5 VDC standby power using capacitor backup
Circuitry monitoring for safety features

Field I/O Features

Programmable microprocessor with JTAG or BDM port
Parallel I/O Ports -- 64 bits each input and output
SDLC compatible communication with CPU Module
External EIA 485 Net

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