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Office of Structural Materials
Corrosion and Structural Concrete Field Investigation Branch (CSCFI)

The CSCFI is responsible for providing corrosion mitigation services for the Department. Expertise within the section includes corrosion evaluation; cathodic protection design and monitoring; corrosion testing of soil, water, and concrete; ASTM salt fog exposure testing; and electrochemical testing.

The Corrosion Technology Branch provides corrosion related services to the Department in a wide range of activities included in the design, construction, and maintenance of California's transportation system.

The Branch performs corrosion reviews of structure plans and specifications; provides corrosion recommendations for foundation and piling designs; designs cathodic protection systems for bridge decks, bridge foundations, retaining wails, and pump stations; performs corrosion reviews for materials, geotechnical and foundation reports; and performs corrosion reviews for encroachment permits. The Branch's involvement in these areas insures that effective and economical corrosion mitigation alternatives are considered in the project development and design phases. In addition, the Branch develops and maintains corrosion guidelines to provide state-of-the-art information related to corrosion control of structures.

The Branch performs corrosion testing services. These services include corrosion testing of soil and water for culverts, structure foundations and mechanically stabilized embankment (MSE) walls; corrosion testing of concrete for structure rehabilitation projects; evaluating new products for corrosion control; and maintaining a database of corrosion related information from throughout the State.

The Branch also provides technical assistance to construction and maintenance personnel. This includes providing inspection assistance during the construction of bridge cathodic protection systems, providing corrosion consultation services for both new and retrofit construction projects, performing condition surveys of existing reinforced concrete bridges, monitoring and maintaining bridge cathodic protection systems throughout the State, and providing corrosion evaluations of new and existing MSE wall installations.

California Tests Used by the CSCFI Branch:

CT 643

Method for Determining Field and Laboratory Resistivity and pH Measurements for Soil and Water

CT 417 Method of Testing Soils and Waters for Sulfate Content
CT 422 Method of Testing Soils and Waters for Chloride Content
CT 404 Test Method for the Chemical Analysis of Portland Cement, Portland Cement Concrete, Fly Ash, Pozzolan, and Blended Cement

Authorized Material Lists maintained by CSCFI


Name: Phone: Resposibilities
Paul Lukkarila
Michael Mifkovic
Transportation Engineer
916-227-6939 Corrosion reports for soils, concrete, Culverts and field investigations for structures, Review of CIDH pile design data forms and assisting SMI with structure investigations
Allen King
FIT Engineer
209-800-3681 Concrete and steel investigations along with assisting SMI with structure investigations