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Materials Engineering and Testing Services

Office of Roadway Materials Testing
Chemical Testing Branch

The Chemical Testing Branch offers the services of a full analytical laboratory.  We confirm quality assurance tests on many different types of highway construction materials.  The following table lists Chemistry Testing Branch contacts and their area of expertise.

Mitch Gipson Senior Chemical Testing Engineer Pavement striping and marking, adhesives, pavement markers (916) 227-7919
Barry Marcks Associate Chemical Testing Engineer Structural steel preparation and painting 916-227-7918
Lisa Dobeck Associate Chemical Testing Engineer Adhesives, joint seals, concrete coatings, structural steel painting, retro-reflective sheeting and markers, cartridge epoxy, geosynthetic fabrics and drains, signing 916-227-7291
Mitra Rafiei Associate Chemical Testing Engineer Low alloy and stainless steel preparation and analysis 916-227-7917


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