California Department of Transportation

Structure Office Engineer

Ruth Fernandes, Office Chief

Welcome to Structure Office Engineer! Structure Office Engineer comprises two Structure Specification Branches and a Cost Estimates Branch. SOE produces contract special provisions and cost estimates for the construction of bridges, retaining walls, tunnels, and other transportation-related structures.


Structure Specification Branches
Craig Whitten, Branch Chief - (Districts 1-6, 9 & 10)
Brad Boehm, Branch Chief - (Districts 7 & 8, 11 & 12)

Cost Estimates Branch:
Roy Galarpe, Branch Chief


Department of Transportation
Division of Engineering Services
Structure Office Engineer
P.O. Box 168041, MS #9-2/2H
Sacramento, CA 95816-8041

Phone: 916.227.8617

Cost Estimates Information:

Construction Statistics, Comparative Bridge Costs, & Bid Analysis