California Department of Transportation

Caltrans Photogrammetric Mapping Standards

CADD Drawing Standards

Caltrans CADD drawing standards are found in the Caltrans CADD Users Manual and the Caltrans Plans Preparation Manual.

CADD System Resources

Caltrans MicroStation resources are available for download from the Caltrans Office of CADD and Engineering GIS web page. Included are seed files for all Caltrans design planes; cell libraries; custom linestyle and font resources. Click on the link "Proceed to Caltrans Resource Files Downloads". The Office of Photogrammetry will no longer provide these files to contractors.

Caltrans began accepting MicroStation V8 format files for PS&E submittals on February 1, 2008. Caltrans is also accepting MicroStation V7 format files. The Office of Photogrammetry will accept map files in either MicroStation V8 or V7 formats. All files should be based on the appropriated Caltrans design plane and resource files. Contact your District Photogrammetry Coordinator or the Office of Photogrammetry if you need assistance.

Standards and Symbols for Photogrammetric Mapping (SSPM)

The Caltrans photogrammetric mapping standards are documented in the Office of Photogrammetry's Standards and Symbols for Photogrammetric Mapping (SSPM), SSPM0513.pdf (688 KB).

Mapping and DTM Examples

Caltrans photogrammetric mapping and CAiCE Photo DTM examples are shown in this self-extracting executable, examples0105.exe.

Caltrans Aerial Photo Editing Standards

CTAerialPhotoEditingGuide2010.pdf (1.7 MB). This guide details Caltrans standards for contractors editing aerial photography, both film and digital.

Aerial_Photo_Index_Guide_2013v1.pdf (2.0 MB). This is a guide for contractors producing film or digital aerial photo indexes to Caltrans standards.

Caltrans Review of Consultant Photogrammetric Mapping

Photogrammetric Mapping Consultants submitting products for review by Caltrans Photogrammetry must adhere to the following submittal requirements: CTMapReviewSubmittal2010.pdf

You can find answers to many of your questions regarding the Caltrans Consultant Photogrammetric Mapping Review process in CTMapReviewFAQ2011.pdf