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July 2016 - Revised Design Standards and Guidance Documents

The Division of Engineering Services has issued revisions to their design documents as listed below. The documents are available at the Technical Publications website.

  • Bridge Design Aids
    • BDA 12-2 Permissible Horizontal Load for Standard Plan and Steel HP Piles – May 2016
    • BDA 12-3 Pile Load Test Details Sheet for CISS Piles up to 8000 kips – April 2016
  • Memos to Designers
    • MTD 20-4  (Update) Seismic Retrofit Guidelines for Bridges in California – June 2016
    • MTD 20-7 Seismic Design of Slab Bridges – April 2016
    • MTD 20-9  (Update)  Splices in Bar Reinforcement Steel – April 2016
  • Bridge Standard Detail Sheets (XS Sheets) – July 2016
    • New borders all sheets
    • 42 new or revised sheets
    • 11 sheets moved to Standard Plans
    • Updated landing page for BDD 1-16 (plan preparation) and example
  • Caltrans Seismic Design Specifications for Steel Bridges – 2nd Edition – June 2016

July 2016 - Revised Construction Contract Standards

The Office Engineer has issued revisions to their standards as listed below. The documents are available at the Office Engineer Construction Contract Standards website.

  • Revised Standard Specifications:
    • Section 49 Piling – Several items
    • Section 50 Prestressing Concrete – Precast Stress Jack Requirements updates
    • Section 51 Concrete Structures – Drainage Inlets updates
    • Section 56 Overhead Sign Structures, Standards, and Poles – Standards & Poles updates
    • Section 59 Structural Steel Coatings – Manuf. Abrasives & minor revisions updates
    • Section 90 Concrete – Returned Plastic Concrete
  • Revised Standard Plans (digest of revisions available at OE’s website). Revised 60 sheets including:
    • Type 60P Concrete Barrier
    • Drainage inlets (precast and CIP)
    • Bridge railings with sidewalks
    • Bridge railings (steel post-and-beam)
    • Poles, signals, and lighting)
July 2016 - New Concrete Barrier Type 732SW

Type 732SW barrier with sidewalk has been designed as a replacement for Type 26 as part of the implementation of the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH). The barrier is currently being implemented as Bridge Standard Details Sheets xs-16-110-1 and 2 and will be placed in the Standard Plans at a later date.
Implementation Memorandum
Bridge Technical Publications - Standard Details Sheets


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