Office of Special Funded Projects and Structures Local Assistance (OSFP/SLA)

Project Development

This page provides links to project development related manuals, procedures, guidelines, and other information of use during the project development process
OSFP Information and Procedures Guide and Editable Attachments
OSFP Encroachment Permit Information for Bridges and Retaining Walls
OSFP Electronic Plan Submittal (EPS) Guidelines (88 kB pdf)
Design Manuals - Online
Design Manuals - Hard Copies
Authorized Materials List
Service Directory for the Division of Engineering Services
Design Memoranda
Caltrans Research
Log of Bridges on the State Highway System
Preliminary Investigations Home Page
Bridge Site Data Submittal Form
Bridge Site Data Submittal for Non-Standard Sound Walls and Retaining Walls
Bridge Site Data Submittal for Sound Walls Carried on a Structure
Survey Information Sheet

Geotechnical Services Home Page
Geotechnical Services - Documents and Manuals
Foundation Report Preparation for Bridge Foundations
Guidelines for Structures Foundation Reports
Structures Design
Bridge Manuals Update Page
Bridge Design Aids
Bridge Design Details
Bridge Design Practice
Bridge Design Specifications
Bridge Memo to Designers
California Amendments to the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications
Structural Detailing Standards
Seismic Design Criteria Manual
Seismic Design Specifications for Steel Bridges
Earthquake Engineering
Seismic Hazard Map
Seismic Design Criteria - Back Ground Information
ARS Curves (126kB xls)
Office Engineer
Standard Plans
Construction Standards E-mail Update Notification
Plans Preparation Manual
Plans Preparation Manual EZ Guide
Instructions for submitting As-Built Log of Test Borings sheets as TIFF files
Bridge Standard "XS" Detail Sheets
Structural Detailing Standards
CADD Users Manual
CADD Resource Files (color tables, cell libraries, border sheets, seed files, and other data.)
Office Engineer
Standard Specifications and Special Provisions
Structure Office Engineer
Structure Specifications
Geotechnical Nonstandard Special Provisions
Special Provisions Civil Engineer's Seal (63 kB doc)
Cost Data, Item Codes, and Bid Summaries
Memo to Specifications Engineer / Estimator (60kB xlsx)
Structure Office Engineer
Structure Cost Estimates and Forms
Form DPD-OSD-0037 Working Days Schedule (74 kB doc)
Office Engineer:
Ready to List (RTL) Guide
PSE Guide
Construction Contract Development Guide
Structures Construction
Structure Construction Technical Manuals
Local Agency Structure Representative Guidelines
Falsework Manual
Trenching and Shoring Manual
Bridge Deck Construction Manual
Prestress Manual
Foundation Manual
Materials Engineering and Testing Service
California Test Methods
Division of Design
Division of Design - Manuals and Guidance
Highway Design Manual
Project Development Procedures Manual
Accessibility Design (ADA)
Design Information Bulletins
Design Memorandums
Division of Construction
Construction Manual
Division of Local Assistance
Local Highway Bridge Program
Local Bridge Seismic Safety Program
Fact Sheet - Structure Technical Issues/Local Seismic Safety Retrofit Program
Division of Traffic Operations
Office of Development Services
Encroachment Permits
OSFP Encroachment Permit Information for Bridges and Retaining Walls

Statewide Alerts and Other Information.