Office of Special Funded Projects and Structures Local Assistance (OSFP/SLA)

Current Issues

This page lists technical issues which may be of interest to Districts, Agencies, and consultants.

November 2012 Bridge Design Aids 3-8 - Mechanically Stabilized Embankment
April 2012 MSEPlus® Earth Retaining System Approval Suspension
February 2012 Shop Drawings for the MSEPlus® Retaining System.
September 2011 Implementation of the 2010 Contract Design Standards
June 2010 Exception Process for Geotechnical Services Policies and Procedures
May 2010 New Memo to Designers Regarding Anomalous CIDH Piles
February 2010 Revised Concrete Cover for CIDH Piles and Drilled Shafts
December 2009 New and Revised Structures Foundations Manuals
August 2009 New Seismic Design Procedures
July 2009 SDC 8.2.4 Modification for Type II Pile Shafts
April 2009

Seismic Design of Utility Openings

March 2009 Accelerated Bridge Construction
December 2007 Submission of As-Built LOTB sheets as TIFF files.
March 2007 Conversion to English units
January 2007 Availability of W and HP steel members
August 2006 Rebar Spacing in Cast-In-Place Piles
August 2006 Change in Flare Gap in Flared Columns (240 kB pdf)
June 2006 ACEC-DES Structures Liaison Committee
September 2005 New Overhead Sign Structure/Signal and Lighting Standards Policy
July 2005 Anchorage to concrete
June 2005 Use of A615 reinforcement
November 2004 Cross-referencing of sections and details on structures drawings
October 2004 Latest report from the Seismic Advisory Board to the Governor [6.8 MB pdf]

Statewide Alerts and Other Information.