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Revised Concrete Cover for CIDH Piles and Drilled Shafts

In order to improve the construction of CIDH piles and drilled shafts, the concrete cover to reinforcement shall be as shown in the following table:

CIDH/Shaft Diameter Concrete Cover

16-inch and 24-inch CIDH See Standard Plan B2-3
2 feet to 3 feet 3 inches
greater than 3 feet and less than 5 feet 4 inches
5 feet and larger 6 inches

This change is effective immediately for projects currently at the PS&E stage. For projects that have completed PS&E but have not been awarded, it is recommended that the designer make the change if it does not result in any adverse impact on the cost and schedule of the project. The Structures Office Engineer must be informed and consulted about the change. For projects in construction, any proposed changes to the CIDH concrete cover must be discussed and approved by the Structures Project Engineer of record.

This change was discussed and recommended by the Caltrans Substructures Technical Committee. Future releases of corresponding bridge design documents will reflect the change.


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