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Use of A615 Reinforcement

Standard Specification 52-1.02A requires the use of A706/A706M reinforcement for most components of structures. In 2003 a shortage of A706/A706M rebar developed that was beginning to impact bridge construction projects. In October 2003 Caltrans began permitting a "blanket" substitution of A706/A706M rebar with A615/A615M rebar in certain specific bridge components. This substitution did not require concurrence from the Design Engineer.

The shortage of A706/A706M rebar has now eased and effective June 1, 2005 the blanket approval has been rescinded. The Resident Engineer/Structure Representative must now obtain specific concurrence from the Design Engineer before processing a Contract Change Order (CCO) allowing for rebar substitution. The CCO must be submitted to the Caltrans Division of Construction CCO desk for authorization in accordance with the current policy for processing CCO's.

It is possible that there may be isolated instances where substituting A706/A706M rebar with A615/A615M may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, the Design Engineer may permit a substitution subject to approval by the Office of Special Funded Projects in concurrence with the Caltrans Reinforced Concrete Committee.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to Caltrans Project Manager, Oversight Resident Engineer, or Structure Representative.

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