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Inquiry #1: Will the contractor be required to place temporary raised pavement markers? On sheet 25 of the plans (temporary pavement delineation quantities) the striping details that are in the table are paint and marker details. There are no seperate quantities for temporary pavement markers.

Also; was it Caltrans' intention to have the temporary striping placed during BOTH the Grind AND Groove existing concrete pavement operations? The temporary delineation quantities do not reflect that if in fact that is the intention.

Inquiry submitted 03/13/2013

Response #1:Pending
Response posted 03/15/2013

Response #2:As shown on Sheet 25, only paint is required for temporary traffic stripes.

In accordance with Section 42-1.03C, "Grooving", of the Standard Specifications, center grooving within the lane width. Therefore, no temporary stiping is needed.
Response posted 03/20/2013

Inquiry #2: On page 9 of the Special Provisions,under heading "Add to section 12-4.02A" it states "For grinding and grooving operations, sawcutting concrete slabs, and installing loop detectors with an impact attenuator vehicle as a shadow vehicle, closure of the adjacent traffic lane is not required."

There are areas on the jobsite in which you are unable to close the adjacent traffic lane. On past projects an impact attenuator vehicle used as shadow vehicle was not reqiured for grinding and grooving operations. A tractor and tanker unit is hooked up to the grinder and acts as the shadow vehicle. Will the requirement of using an impact attenuator as a shadow vehicle when grinding or grooving be waved for this project?

Inquiry submitted 03/21/2013

Response #1:Pending
Response posted 03/21/2013

Response #2:Please bid in accordance with the requirements of Section 12-4.02A as shown on Page 9 of the SPs.
Response posted 03/22/2013

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