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Inquiry #1: In regards to the Roadside Sign-One post. There is no post size noted or Sign info as to size, etc. seeing that there is several size options. Please advise. Thank you.
Inquiry submitted 03/08/2013

Response #1: Submitted
Response posted 03/11/2013

Response #2: Sign post sizes should match existing posts that are being replaced. Refer to Section 12-3.06B(2) "Stationary-Mounted Signs" of the 2010 Standard Specifications: "The Engineer determines the post size and number of posts if the type of sign installation is not shown."
Response posted 03/14/2013

Inquiry #2: Location 3 Shows Remove and replacement of AC Dike.
Does the Edge of Dike change to accomunate The new Dike or arewe to cut back Shoulder? If we are to cut back shoulder in which item of pay do we get paid since there is no roadway excavation item.

Inquiry submitted 03/14/2013

Response #1: Submitted
Response posted 03/14/2013

Response #2: The edge of shoulder (ES) does not change. Refer to 2010 Standard Plan A87B "Hot Mix Asphalt Dikes," Note 1: "Extend top layer of HMA placed on the shoulder under dike with no joint at the ES." Refer to Revised Standard Specifications Section 39-1.14 "MISCELLANEOUS AREAS AND DIKES": "Prepare the area to receive HMA for miscellaneous areas and dikes, including any excavation and backfill as needed." Payment for this work is included in place hot mix asphalt dike and by weight for hot mix asphalt.
Response posted 03/18/2013

Inquiry #3: We see your response to our AC Dike inquiry and understand what your intent is but without a formal addendum addressing additional grading or a mechanism for payment to install the type E dike we can only bid per original plans and specifications.Also your response didn't address how we are going to be paid for roadway excavation /backfill. Please issue a formal addendum addressing the grading with a quanity for roadway excavation for the type E dike.
Inquiry submitted 03/19/2013

Response #1: Please refer to Section 39-1.14 "MISCELLANEOUS AREAS AND DIKES" of the Revised Standard Specifications, included with the contract special provisions: "Prepare the area to receive HMA for miscellaneous areas and dikes, including any excavation and backfill as needed." Refer also to 2010 Standard Specifications Section 39-6 "PAYMENT": "HMA dike is paid for as place hot mix asphalt dike of the type specified in the Bid Item List and by weight for hot mix asphalt." No addendum is necessary for this work as it is included in the contract payments made for HMA dike.
Response posted 03/19/2013

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