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Inquiry #1: Please provide additional information on item 12 Repair Wheel Path Depression, is this item overlay or removal?

Item 13 Replace AC Surfacing can you provide any minimum widths or a break down of locations?

Thank you.

Inquiry submitted 02/01/2013

Response #1:Minimum width will be 4'. Approximate locations and quantities are provided in Q-1
Response posted 02/05/2013

Inquiry #2: The plan sheet for the project shows that micro surfacing is only to be applied to the shoulders on Route 210, however the bid quantities for micro surfacing on Route 210 suggest that it would be applied to more than just the shoulders. Could you please verify the limits and quantities of the micro surfacing for this portion of the project.
Inquiry submitted 02/05/2013

Response #1:Submitted for Consideration
Response posted 02/05/2013

Response #2:Refer to Plan Sheet X-3, which also show that the ramps of Route 210 are to be micro-surfaced. Limits of work for the 210 ramps are shown on Plan Sheet, C-3 and quantity breakdown are provided on Plan Sheet, Q-1.
Response posted 02/07/2013

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