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Inquiry #1: Per bid item # 62, item code 840582,2480 lf, 4" Two-Component Striping, what is the two-component material, Epoxy?
Inquiry submitted 10/08/2012

Response #1:Two Component Material is consist of one coat of paint and two applications of retroreflective glass bids. The SSP for this item was missing from the Contract Specification document. An addendum has been issued to the bidders on October 29, 2012 to incorporate the SSP for Two Component Paint Traffic Stripe.
Response posted 10/08/2012

Inquiry #2: Ref Contract Items 50 and 51, Special Provision Section 10-1.45 and Detail for " MBGR Wood Post Mod" on plan sheet 23 (C-1).Please define by special provision, how the additional rail element shown on the detail is to be paid. Section 83-1 of standard specifications for method of measurement and payment, refrenced in 10-1.45 appears to be ambiguous for the work shown on C-1. Suggest you check for precedent on this subject in District 7, for similar issue(s).
Inquiry submitted 11/05/2012

Response #1:The cost of additional rail element is covered under bid items 50 and 51, therefore no separate payment will be made for additional rail element. The article 83-1.04 of the standard specs indicates full compensation for the types shown in the Engineers estimate is included in the prices paid per the linear foot for railing. You can bid each type separately since there are three different bid items for guard railing.

Response posted 11/05/2012

Inquiry #3: How is the contractor able to determine the roadway offsets
for the Type 60C Concrete Barrier? There are no pavement grades and no cross sections and the details on C-3 and C-4 are not to scale.

Inquiry submitted 11/05/2012

Response #1:Bidders should refer RSP A76A, contract plan sheet no 98. However, the intended roadway offset is 36 inches.

Response posted 11/07/2012

Inquiry #4: 1-Ref Plan Sheet 3, note # 2 and Plan Sheet 36 (C-14)- Please inform the contractors where you will require these special galvanized channel closure assemblies. Perhaps you can provide a drainage plan that gives the locations of Catch Basin/Drain Inlets with these project plans.

2-Ref Contract Item 59, Cross Sections shown on plan Sheets C-3,C-4, and RSP A 76A ( Sheet 98/140)- provide the vertical roadway offsets for these barriers so we can comply with note 10 on RSP A76A.

3-Ref Plan Sheet 35/140.This crash attenuator is required to be installed on a flat foundation, but you are tieing into a stepped barrier Type 60C. Will this detail be corrected/clarified before the Bid Date?

4-2-Ref Cross Sections shown on plan Sheets C-3,C-4,- Is it intended that the shoulder/slope area behind Type 60C or Type 60 barrier be cut flat to daylight, or to be backfilled as indicated by your cross sections?

Inquiry submitted 11/05/2012

Response #1:1) Construction details shown in C-14, contract plan sheet no. 36, will be applicable in the locations where the proposed concrete barrier will conflict with existing catch basin. There two conflicting locations have been identified. 2) Bidders should refer RSP A76A, contract plan sheet no 98. However, the intended roadway offset is 36 inches. 3) Refer to the elevation plan at C-13, contract plan sheet no. 35. The foundation shall be on flat level. 4) Contractor will be required to backfill up to the existing grade.

Response posted 11/07/2012

Inquiry #5: Ref your response to Inquiry #2- Your reply is not in agreement with the contract provisions available at this time. Unless this reply is issued as an adedendum to all plan holders your project and any bid result(s) are protestable. Do your job responsibly and issue addendum to current contract documents before bid date that make your reply a part of these bidding documents. Suggest you review this issue with your senior engineer for Contract 07-243604.
Inquiry submitted 11/07/2012

Response #1:" Bidders shall bid per contract document. Any inconsistency shall be addressed during construction."

Response posted 11/08/2012

Inquiry #6: Can't seem to find a Traffic Chart that applys to work at your Location 22 and 23. Can you clarify this for us?
Inquiry submitted 11/07/2012

Response #1:"Please refer to the Lane closure charts no. 16 and 17 in the Special Provisions for those locations."

Response posted 11/07/2012

The information provided in the responses to bidder inquiries is not a waiver of Section 2-1.03, “Examination of Plans, Specifications, Contract, and Site of Work,” of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with the contract. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may change a previous response.