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Inquiry #1: It appears that the project that runs from the start of this project to Pico Lyons OC is being done at night. There will be a conflict with lane closures. What is their completion date, and who can we contact regarding their lane closure schedules?
Inquiry submitted 04/25/2013

Response #1:Please contact Flatiron Construction.
Response posted 04/25/2013

Inquiry #2: 1. Please confirm the LCB-RS has to have 200PSI to open to traffic, and 450PSI before contractor can work on top of it, to install JPCP(RSC). Seems those two numbers are backwards. Open to traffic should be higher than construction traffic. Page 112 Specials LCB-RS Construction General.

2. For the Ramp Termini work please generalize an amount of time the State's engineer will require to perform compaction testing on the Class 3 material.

Inquiry submitted 04/26/2013

Response #1:The spec on page 112 is written correctly. 2. Approximately, 3 to 4 hours is needed for each layer.
Response posted 04/26/2013

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