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Inquiry #1: Bid Item List:
Item No.12 Rapid Setting Concrete Patch 1 cf.
Item No.17 Remove Unsound Concrete 8 cf.

The plans show 1 cf of removal at the Bixby POC Ramp and 1 cf for Rapid Setting Concrete (Patch).

My question:
Are the quantities correct for Item No. 17?

Inquiry submitted 05/10/2013

Response #1:Yes, the quantity for a contract item #17 is correct.
Response posted 05/10/2013

Inquiry #2: On CS-1 it calls for a C40(CA) in the size of 132"x84"? According to the 2012 CA Temporary Traffic Control Sign Specs found on the Caltrans web site there are 3 sizes of the C40(CA), 72"x36", 108"x42" and 144"x60". Is it the states intension to introduce a new size of the C40(CA) or is this a typo on the project plans? If a typo please advise on what size the sign should be.
Inquiry submitted 05/14/2013

Response #1:It is a typo. Please use 144” x 60.
Response posted 05/14/2013

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