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Inquiry #1: For Bid Item # 11, is the State anticipating that there will only be 1 "must-grind", used as a lump sum to cover all possible "must-grinds", or furnish a price per "must-grind" as needed in the field?
Inquiry submitted 02/13/2013

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 02/13/2013

Response #2:Bid item #11 "Prepaving Grinding Day" is priced as per "each" day as needed in the field.
Response posted 02/21/2013

Inquiry #2: The typical cross sections on Sheet X-1 indicates that the paving outside the ETW varies from 0' to 2'. There are currently no paved shoulders on this section of Highway, only gravel and base.

As your quantitiy would indicate you plan to pave a 2' shoulder throughout the project, Is it Caltrans' intent to perform up to 2' of paving on the existing shoulders? If so, how will the preparation of these aggregate base shoulders be paid for (i.e. clearing, filling, grading)?

Inquiry submitted 02/21/2013

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 02/21/2013

Response #2:The proposed 0.1' HMA overlay is from existing Edge of Pavement(EP) to EP, regardless of the existing shoulder width.
Response posted 02/22/2013

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