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Inquiry #1: Please provide the culvert depths to use in the CIPP thickness calculations for culverts at locations 5 & 7-12. CIPP specification section 15-6.11A(3).8 requires the contractor to calculate the required CIPP thickness, and the depth of the culvert is one of the key parameters needed for those calculations. However, there are no profile drawings currently contained in the bid documents for those culvert locations. To ensure all bidders are providing CIPP to the same requirements, depth information that all bidders must comply with should come from Caltrans.
Inquiry submitted 03/22/2013

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 03/27/2013

Response #2:Character, quality and quantity of subsurface materials should be examined by job site examination per Standard Specifications 2-1.30.
Response posted 04/01/2013

Inquiry #2: In the Special Provisions Section Division V Surfacing and Pavements, Section 39 Hot Mix Asphalt, under Add to section 39-1.01, Page 19 it states "produce and place the HMA type A under the construction process". What is the constuction process? should it be either Method, Standard or QCQA?
Inquiry submitted 03/29/2013

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 04/01/2013

Response #2:Refer to addendum No. 1 dated April 2, 2013.
Response posted 04/04/2013

The information provided in the responses to bidder inquiries is not a waiver of Section 2-1.03, “Examination of Plans, Specifications, Contract, and Site of Work,” of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with the contract. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may change a previous response.