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Inquiry #1: 1) Plan Sheet 64 of 71, "Bent Pile Detail"
Q: A "no splice zone" is called out from 20'-0" below CIDH cut-off elevation to 10'-0" above O.G/E.G. Does this "no spice" affect the rebar cage, the permanent steel casing, or both?

2) Same Detail.
Q: Can the [pile] "SPECIFIED CUT-OFF elev" also be the approximate location of a construction joint?

3) Special Provisions, page 74 of 95, "Add to Seciton
49-3.01A" notes that "concrete shall comply with Section 51".
Q: Does this require the CIDH concrete to adhere to ready-mix composition set forth by 51, the placement method set forth by 51, or both?

Inquiry submitted 04/23/2013

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 04/24/2013

Response #2:1)A: The "no splice" zone shown only applies to the main cast-in-drilled-hole concrete piling reinforcement and the main column reinforcement.

2)A: No construction joints are permitted within the "no splice" zone.

3)A: Cast-in-drilled-hole concrete must comply with the requirements specified in the special provisions and all referenced sections including sections 49 and 51.

Response posted 04/29/2013

Inquiry #2: On plan sheets 2 and 3 (drawings X-1 and X-2)there is a note indicating "OBLITERATE SURFACING 0.55' HMA". Bid Item 25 OBLITERATE SURFACING gives a quantity of 6,740 SQYD. We are not able to find a specification for OBLITERATE SURFACING in the Special Provisions or in the Standard Specifications. What does OBLITERATE SURFACING require?
Inquiry submitted 04/24/2013

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 04/24/2013

Response #2:Please refer to the Caltrans Standard Specifications 2010, Section 15-2.02B(2) Obliterate Roads, Detours, and Surfacing.
Response posted 04/25/2013

Inquiry #3: Reference to: Bid Item #63 30" Permanent Steel Casing. Question: Are the Steel Casings Coated?
Inquiry submitted 04/24/2013

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 04/25/2013

Response #2:No, coatings are not required on the permanent steel casing.
Response posted 04/30/2013

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