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Inquiry #1: There are no DBE forms included in the bid book for 04-4S0204 Hwy 29 in Calistoga. Will these be sent out as an addendum?
Inquiry submitted 09/12/2012

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 09/12/2012

Response #2:See Addendum 1.
Response posted 09/28/2012

Inquiry #2: Are cross sections available for this project?
Inquiry submitted 09/19/2012

Response #1:Download the Cross Sections below:

Cross Sections CL1 (zipped pdf, 3.3 MB,

Cross Sections W1&W2 (zipped pdf, 6.2 MB,$.zip)

Cross Sections in Microstation (zipped dgn, 1.7 MB,
Response posted 09/20/2012

Inquiry #3: There is a temporary traffic signal to be installed on this project. However, that does not completely negate the need for traffic control during construction. Did Caltrans intend to eliminate a Traffic Control item for this project? We will still need to provide traffic control when doing the following operations:

Set & remove K Rail
Exc & lay culverts across roadway
Off haul of all excavated dirt
Overlay roadway at end of project
Striping of final paved roadway

For these reasons, we would like to see a Traffic Control item on this project.

Inquiry submitted 09/21/2012

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 09/24/2012

Response #2:Traffic control is not needed as it is already covered and fully compensated under special provisions, Section 10-1.20, "Traffic Control System for Lane Closure".
Response posted 09/25/2012

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