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Inquiry #1: Bid Item 16, Plant (Group Z), calls for 9 palm trees. The Special Provisions on pages, 61 to 63,describe the requirements for the palm trees. In addition, the Landscape Details,LD-1, shows the palm detail and what the required depth hole. The palm detail and the specifications do not show how to brace the palms after setting it up in the hole.
Please clarify what is required to hold the palm tree after its set up in the tree well. How will the palm tree be brace?

Inquiry submitted 09/21/2012

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 09/21/2012

Response #2:Palm tree staking detail will be provided during pre-construction meeting.
Response posted 09/24/2012

Inquiry #2: What is the expected start date for this project?
Inquiry submitted 11/01/2012

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 11/05/2012

Response #2:Please refer to Beginning of work Specification. "The 1st working day is the earlier of (1) the 55th day after contract approval".
Response posted 11/05/2012

Inquiry #3: The Special Provisions on page 61, Cultivate subsection, calls for the following: Soil amendment shall be added at the rate shown on the plans. The Planting List and Planting Specifications on sheets 3 and 3A required 2.5CF per 1 Square feet for plant group A and B. Plant groups K and U, however, show 4 and 2 CF respectively.

Please clarify if each of the plant groups A and B required 2.5 CF per plant. Should there be an X amount of soil amendment per 1,000 SF? What is the rate? Is 2.5 CF per 1 SF an excessive amount of soil amendment? Is 2.5CF/SQFT a typo? What thickness is the soil amendment required? What thickness is the contractor cultivating/Incorporating?

Inquiry submitted 11/02/2012

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 11/05/2012

Inquiry #4: The Irrigation Plans sheet 16, IP-3, shows an irrigation sleeve. However, it also calls for cut and connect.

Please clarify under what item will sleeve or cross-over will be paid. Is this an existing cross-over? What materials are required for the new cross-over? Is this an open cut or a bore?

Inquiry submitted 11/05/2012

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 11/07/2012

Response #2:Connection to existing 8" irrigation crossover/sleeve will be paid for from the item prize of irrigation main line.

Yes, the crossover is existing 8" CHDP.

No new crossover required and the existing material is CHDP.

NO cutting required, this is going to be done by boring.
Response posted 11/08/2012

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