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Inquiry #1: Section 391.12E, Prepaving Must-Grinds states "Section 39-1.12E applies to existing asphalt concrete areas receiving an HMA overlay of less than 0.25
Prepaving profilograph includes taking profiles of the existing pavement, determining must-grinds, and
submitting profilograms."

Is Prepaving Profilographes (Item 10) and Grinding (Item 11) really neccessary or required for this project due to the fact that the existing asphalt concrete area recieveing the HMA overlay is being completely planned off?

Inquiry submitted 03/22/2013

Response #1:3/22/13: Your inquiry is under review. Please note that due to the current time frame between the inquiry submittal and the bid opening date, a response may not be provided before the bid opening. If a response is not provided before the bid opening addressing your concern, please bid per the current contract documents. Thank you for your patience.
Response posted 03/22/2013

Response #2:3/25/13: Please bid per the current contract documents.
Response posted 03/25/2013

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